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Compensation Injury Claims Online

As the name suggests, we are the UK´s first online injury solicitors to offer 101%† Compensation, not just 100 percent compensation like our competitors. We can do this because we keep our costs down, therefore YOU get that extra one percent. We offer a unique, professional service to anyone who has suffered personal injury or has had an accident in the last three years.

Did you know that nearly seventy percent of people in UK who can claim personal injury compensation do not bother? Do not become one of them and miss out on your entitlement of more than 100% compensation. 101% Compensation Solicitors provide personal injury claim for your .

According to research carried out by the Department for Transport (DFT) a large percentage of car accidents with young drivers cause . If you have been affected by such an accident whether with a young or older driver, then you are still entitled to claim 100% for your personal injury, whether it is a minor or a serious injury.

Claim for other car accidents

Even if , then a minor or a serious injury compensation claim can be pursued by 101% Solicitors, provided you are not liable for the accident. can happen when you least expect it and leave you in a state of shock. We are here to help you to recover your losses and ensure that you are protected under the Disability Discrimination Act.

There are often losses which some victims may not realise that they can claim for when they have been involved in a car accident. The 100% obvious damages are to yourself and the car, but you may also be eligible for medical expenses, loss of income, and the harm that sometimes develop much later after the traumatic accident (also known as post traumatic stress disorder). As experts in personal injury we can legally advise you on your compensation options.

You will be glad to know that and give you an extra one percent compensation if your injury claim online is worth up to five thousand pounds. Remember, not 100%, but a full 101% Compensation Award for your personal injury claim.

I am really glad that I used 101% Compensation. I got what I was told for my leg and rib injuries from the car accident. The claims service was excellent and I have already recommended them to my friends. Mr Robson, Chester

101%Car Accidents

Have you been involved in a car accident where you have been injured? If the answer is "yes", then we can help you to get more than the maximum compensation with minimum fuss. Our expertise can help you with a whiplash or a more serious injury.

101%Work Accidents

Going to work is a common occurrence for many people. It is of no surprise that many become victims of a personal injury of some sort through no fault of their own. Our expert solicitors can help you to make a complete compensation injury claim.

101%Slips and Falls

A fall in a public or private place can be embarrassing and can hurt your pride. If you have been injured then you may be able to submit a claim against those who are responsible for the area. Speak to us to assign liability and gain compensation.

Our online compensation advantage

How can more than 100% be possible? Not only are you getting the maximum for your injury claim, you are being given one whole percent more compensation than expected. Quite simply, we are working on a numbers concept to provide you with the best arrangement. The more people that claim with us, the more the people will receive. We already have a huge number of claimants using our services all over UK including London, Manchester and Liverpool.

The question we ask is whether YOU want to gain an advantage? You probably have done your research and are becoming aware of many solictors who make deductions from the compensation awarded. By arriving on our website online, you have done yourself a favour. You know that you will get the full 100% compensation and we make sure that once you are happy with the awarded amount accepted, an extra ONE percent is added. That is a win-win situation for you.

I have shopped around and found that you were the only injury solicitors to give the most compensation. Great stuff! Miss Morgan, Leeds

Claim Injury Compensation Online

This online compensation service is for you to make a claim against your minor or serious injury through the simple online claim form. Your injury case will be carefully considered and only when you are happy to proceed, you can instruct us to act for you to get more than the maximum compensation for you. You can be pleased to know that your case will only be processed if it is advisable and to your advantage. Make an effective accident injury claim online for 101% compensation.

Incidentally, you have spent the time to browse on the internet for a claims service provider so that you can compare what is available to you. Check thoroughly and you will be content with the extra you get here without any deductions being made to your accepted compensation. We are happy for you to evaluate the services presented online and then settle for our offered 101% compensation.

Making an online Injury Claim

The initial stage will consist of a FREE consultation. You will be guided through the complex personal injury laws and be explicitly explained of the stages to claim compensation. ‘The Part 36 Offer’ may be made available to you where you can choose to settle for an offer for your accident. Rest assured, we will advise you if you should make a Part 36 Offer, accept or decline the presented offer.

A Part 36 offer for an injury claim can only be withdrawn, or its terms changed, if the claimant has not previously served notice of acceptance. Justice Website

Legal action may be commenced if a reasonable settlement is not agreed out of court. This does happen to a few claimants where the claim may be not be straightforward and needs a judge to award compensation based on the evidence given. If you are in a situation where your case has gone to court, then fortunate for you, we can challenge the third party using our experience and expert knowledge in previous personal injury claims.

Exercise your to right to compensation and Claim Online for a personal injury, an accident at work, small court claim or a public liability claim. Accident compensation claim can be done for whiplash, fall at work, trips, medical negligence, motorcycle accidents, clinical negligence, scaffolding accidents, criminal accidents and many other types of accidents. 101% Compensation are based in the UK and cover personal injury claims nationwide in England, Wales and Scotland.

A word of caution recommended for drivers involved in a car accident is not to discuss liability or to say sorry for an accident. Liability is something for the insurance company or instructed solicitors to officially deal with. An early admission of liability can implicate you accountable even though other evidence may be in your favour. An injury claim can be strengthened through your heedful actions and if you are unsure about anything, then we can provide legal assistance.

👉 What to expect from a work accident compensation?

We will carry out a legal analysis of your work accident claim and evaluate for a financial figure which best comprehensively covers the reimbursement you need. Providing an amount of compensation is dependent on the severity of your injury. Your expenses can be claimed for in addition to your awarded injury sum of which can only be estimated based on your personal factors.

Breakdown of Accident Compensation Claims

Compensation for an injury from an accident can be awarded as general damages and special damages, or just the one relevant to the accident compensation claim.

General damages are referred to as the compensation awarded specifically for the injury and the amount is usually decided by the court. It compensates for the physical or emotional pain and suffering. It also compensates for the loss of features in your life which can be challenging to establish if you do not fully understand what it means. As an indication, it covers things like the loss of reputation or loss of the ability to enjoy life and depends on each individual´s case.

Special damages are known to compensate for actual monetary loss incurred by the accident. Of course it depends on your circumstances and you may be eligible to claim for other associated costs. In general, it can include damage to belongings, expenses such as medical care and related costs, the cost of travelling for treatment and the cost to repair your damaged car if it has been involved in your accident compensation claim.

Have you Reported Your Work Injury?

Do you know who to inform if you have suffered a work related injury? What about an industrial disease you have due to your work which is reportable under RIDDOR which stands for Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013? For more information, you can find out about what is reportable on the Health and Safety Executive website... or just ask us.

In the meantime, let it be clear that you must report the work related injury or disease to your employer. Your employer may have an appointed person or designated people for you to report to. Please check with your establishment´s policies and regulations.

Should you have concerns regarding your work injury or industrial disease incident, then find out from your employer if everything has been logged and reported. If you are uncomfortable or feel awkward in doing so, then 101% Compensation can act on your behalf and give further advice to claim injury compensation.

Only those authorised to action under RIDDOR have the legal responsibility to report major work injuries, industrial diseases, accidents, near misses and even deaths on the work premises. They are known as the Responsible Persons and are not subjected to a particular job role.

However, a Responsible Person under RIDDOR at a workplace is exempt from reporting medical treatments and injuries from a road traffic accident. They are different rules and regulations for that. Often it can appear that an incident conflicts with several set of procedures and it is not always clear which is correct. Get in touch and we can help you with expert advice on your potential work injury claim or an industrial disease claim.

Reporting Car Accident for Claims

If you have had a car accident on the road or a public place and there are injuries, you must report to the police. If your car accident involved a hit and run driver, who had failed to stop, then again the police must be notified. A crime reference number will be issued and may be necessary for your No Win No Fee accident compensation claim.

Places like the supermarket or the multi storey car parks are classed as public places and will require any accidents with injuries or a hit and run driver to be reported to the police. In places where the car parks belong to private companies and not normally accessible to the public would not be ranked as a public place. Therefore, any accidents in such places should be reported to the owner of the car park, your insurance company where applicable and the police if there are any injuries. For your injury, contact 101% Compensation to pursue an accident compensation claim.

My car accident compensation claim was made with a claims company earlier. I was eventually paid for the damage to my car and a little bit for my minor injuries. However, I had to keep going back to the doctors as I had become angry all the time and kept getting flashbacks of the accident. A friend recommended these solicitors who explained that I have symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Thanks to them my condition has improved after a medical assessment and the following treatments. I have also received a cheque in the post. Mr Johnson, Cumbria

Should I Claim?

There is a stigma in asking for help and receiving support such as claiming for accident compensation. Nowadays, it may be less of the case, yet there are some that may still be affected due to their circumstances or cultural beliefs. Others may feel weak or incompetent.

For those involved in an accident, the threat of not seeking support can often jeopardise a person´s health and well-being. Imagine getting assistance initially after an injury from your family and friends at first, only to discover that you require permanent support. Can they realistically offer that? The benefits of injury compensation can weigh more to offer independence and the equipment to help you with your daily tasks.

We definitely recommend avoiding letting your situation reach crisis level where you become very distressed and anxious. There is no shame in asking for what you deserve and often need. So, if you have had an injury from an accident in the last three years, then claim for an injury compensation to help you regain your independence or even to recuperate after a traumatic experience.

Developing to improve your claims

Our recent changes in compensation claim procedures have been met with positive acclaim. The improved medical assessments are unequivocal to claimants and are carried out by independent medical professionals. This is already in place to reduce the impact from proposals to increase genuine injury claims as stated by Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary. 101% Compensation welcomes these type of schemes to reassuringly benefit our victims and motorists.

So it comes as no surprise that we are already ahead in other areas of potential suppression from the government to ban injury solicitors from objectionably encouraging compensation claims with incentives. 101% Compensation do not offer free gifts, such as an iPad, or offer thousands of pounds Cash Advance schemes to simply make large deductions from YOUR accepted compensation. Get smart and realise that not eveything is really free. Claim 100% online with us and receive an EXTRA 1% for helping us to achieve our quantity goals.