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101% Accident Injury Compensation

101% Compensation has been the UK’s fastest growing website nationwide since 2005 for online accident injury compensation claims and personal injury claims due to car accidents which include the soft tissue injuries (whiplash) element. You will not have a reason to claim elsewhere as we offer awards higher than 100% compensation and work on a No Win No Fee basis which benefit claimants.

As a well established solicitors firm, we have no allegiances to any claim companies and we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to abide by their rules. Recently, in January 2017, we helped 100s of people to claim for damages. We can also help you claim for personal injury with minimum fuss and maximum compensation.

Our Claim Feature

All our claimants are individuals and we recognise that. Although our professional services are fair to all and without prejudice, we adopt a more personalised approach to your specific needs so that you get the same chances as anyone else. It is not just a great feature, it is our quality.

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No Deductions Compensation

After an accident you can go to any personal injury claims solicitor you choose in the UK, whether you are in London, Manchester or Blackburn. The chances are, you are less likely to be offered 100% of your compensation and more likely to have up to 25% deductions made from your compensation. Solicitors can legally deduct a quarter of the settlement. We are the first company to offer 101% Compensation online with no deductions from your awarded amount that you have happily accepted.

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Why Choose 101% Compensation

101% Compensation offers the original 100 Percent Claims online. It continues the trend it initially started with, even when many other injury solicitors have begun to take deductions from the awarded compensation amounts. The legislation relating to deductions is permitted albeit the loss of claims where such system is presented. It is not always so straightforward to identify, which is why we simplify our process as much as we can so that you have the ability to get answers quickly.

More Than 100% Compensation

With approximately 70% people not bothering to claim or not knowing how to make a claim, we reach out to the victims of personal injury who do claim. You will get what you really deserve under our 101% Compensation Guarantee and you do not have to pay extortionate amount of solicitor fees for dealing with your case.

We provide a service that puts the customer first and allow you to make a claim smoothly. It will save you money in the long run and it is easy to request updates or make enquiries regarding your claim. Although claiming injury compensation can appear complicated we make it simple and give you more compensation than anyone else in the UK, guaranteed. Extra money matters and it is legally yours, so do not lose it.

We can afford to offer such a valuable compensation service because we keep our costs down, therefore giving you that extra one percent difference. We offer a unique, professional service to everyone who has suffered from a non fault injury. We are available for you should you require help or advice on compensation claims at anytime.

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Our Compensation Assurance For You

Many people who have been involved in an accident, whether at work, in a car or even in a public place, will know that it can be a difficult time. With our experience in personal injury claims, we too understand that. That is why we aim to make the compensation claim procedure as simple as possible.

Throughout the website we explain the compensation process as clearly as possible without too much jargon. We hope that this site can be used as a basic guide to understand what and how things work if you make an accident or a personal injury claim. Additionally, we offer tips to prevent work injuries in the first place as well which can be useful for your close family and friends.

Aside from the More Than 100% Compensation Injury Claim information provided here, we provide a Freephone number for you to call us directly as sometimes a friendly chat can be much more helpful for more specific injury claim queries.

Legal Help With Experts

Why not dispel the wondering thoughts in your head about the unfortunate accident you or someone you know may have been involved in? Some people can leave things in their lives to carry on as normal, only to find that they are unable to cope. They will begin to think favourably of any support they can get. Would you do that? Leave it longer than three years… well, you may never get the compensation you were entitled to.

So if you do not understand anything or would like further help, then now is your chance to do something about it. We are friendly and supportive injury solicitors. Call us using our Freephone number 0800 2922 182, or use the online contact form and we will be happy to help you.

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