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Car Accident Passenger Claims

If you have been involved in a car accident as a passenger, then it is extremely likely that you will be able to claim compensation for whiplash or personal injury, even if the driver of your car was at fault. As a car passenger, unless you in some way contributed in the direction of the accident, you are classed as an innocent party and you should be compensated without any liability issues being raised. The driver of the car you were travelling in owes you a duty of care like all drivers using the road.

You can claim compensation if you were a pedestrian injured by a driver who may have made a misjudgement whilst you were crossing the road. In fact, a lot of people will admit to having a close shave when attempting to cross a road at some point during their lives. Nearly 25,000 casualties occur each year involving pedestrians.

What Should I Expect From A Personal Injury Claim?

Claim 100% Car Passenger Compensation Online

Most people spend a lot of their time in travelling going out with a family member as the main driver unless they are the driver themselves. Sometimes, a car passenger can be involved in an accident with family, relatives or friends.

The rules for claiming car passenger injury compensation are still applicable to family members and can be claimed against the insurance company. Even if your family member or relative is responsible for the accident, you will be claiming from their insurer, so there is no need to fall out with family or relatives.

If you need more information on car passenger accident claims please simply complete the online claim application.

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