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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident you may be entitled to motorcycle accident compensation payouts for your personal injuries and loss of earnings if the cause was negligence of another party. 101% Compensation has extensive experience in motorbiker's accident claims, achieving maximum compensation against car drivers, motorbike riders, other road users and local authorities.

A motorbike accident can be much more severe than a car accident. There is minimum or no protection for a motorbike rider other than his or her helmet for protection, which must meet British safety standards when you ride on the road in the UK. In some cases the accident can be caused by defects in the road surface in which case you can claim against the local authority that is responsible for maintaining the road.

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Some Basic Figures For Motorbike Accidents

Nearly 500 motorcyclists are killed in road accidents each year and almost 6000 are seriously injured. The chance of being killed on a motorbike is 40 times greater than as a car driver. Think of website reports that only about 1% of the UK’s traffic are motorbike riders; this fundamentally suggests that the chance of surviving clean through a motorbike accident is very slim.

It is likely that most injuries from motorbike accidents would have happened at a road junction. Every day around 30 riders are injured or killed from an accident at a junction. Research has suggested that motorists fail to correctly judge the speed or notice the oncoming motorcyclist and would pull out in front of them. Unfortunately, the rider will usually always be disadvantaged in such a collision as there is no cage around the rider for protection.

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Common Causes of Motorbike Collisons

There are usually couple of things that often cause a motorbike related accident in the UK. The number one reason is driver error. Many road users in vehicles fail to realise the presence of a motorcyclist where the reasons for distraction range from loud music to using a mobile device.

Another main cause is the failure to obey traffic laws and signs. Our motorcyclist accident solicitors have seen cases where factors such as speeding, illegal turns, ignoring traffic lights and not stopping at stop signs have all caused serious damage and injuries.

Are You At Fault?

Do you know the number one cause of motorbike accidents in the UK? Surprisingly, it is when a motorcyclist fails to negotiate fast sweeping or tight bends. Statistics show a higher percentage of these incidents happen in the countryside and usually does not involve a third party.

Surviving a bend requires calculating the severity and magnitude of the turn. The rider should not assume the road is clear round the curve, but to be prepared for the bend to be tighter than expected. Judging the road ahead will determine the speed you safely take the corner at with enough room to make adjustments in case you have miscalculated slightly.

Observing the surroundings before a bend is useful as you may find clues to how sharp the curve may be. Looking through the shrubs, trees and gaps in the fields can enable a motor bike rider to quickly give an idea of where the road the leads. To visualise more accurately, it is important to spot other vehicles as well as lampposts, signs and street lighting, all dotted along the route you are going towards.

Failure to follow a safe motorbike riding style when approaching a bend can lead to a bike accident. Imagine going round the curve and it is much too tight to manoeuver safely. Chances are that you will brake sharply with you leaning over to turn the bike which can cause loss of control and hurl you off suddenly.

Although, the chances are lower for an accident at the bend to involve other vehicles, it can still happen. Motorbiking has its share of horrific injuries, decidedly understandable when you consider the lack of solid protection a rider carries. The outcome is almost always not good, more so for the motorcyclist than car occupants.

Deciding who is at fault for such motor bike accidents may appear to blame the rider and most likely will be the case. Yet, at 101% Compensation, we have had cases where the blame was placed on unforeseen technicalities. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to our motorcycle injury solicitor to discuss your accident and see that you are represented fairly. For your benefit we can take on cases under our No Win No Fee guarantee so you do not have pay if the claim is not won.

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No Provisional License Holder Motorcyclist Can Ride With A Passenger

As we know accidents can happen on a motorbike and it is just as likely for a pillion passenger to be affected. In the case of an unfortunate accident and if you had ridden as intended by the Highway Code, then a pillion passenger compensation claim can be submitted.

We have already helped people who have suffered from minor cuts and bruising to motorbike accidents of a catastrophic nature. Our personal injury solicitors will make sure you receive the highest motorcycle accident compensation payouts. If you need more information on a motorbike accident settlement claim or an estimated payout awarded for a particular injury, then please make an enquiry online or call us on 0800 2922 182.

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