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Nursery Accident Claims

Accidents happen even in the safest environments including libraries, museums, and schools. Nursery accidents by far are not the most common types of personal injury claims, but unfortunately there have been cases where children got seriously injured at school.

If you are deciding whether or not you should claim, a common question that needs an answer to is, “can my child claim compensation?”

If your child has had a trip slip or fall in a nursery then in most cases you may claim compensation, provided they were not at fault. Our personal injury solicitors can advise you further with your child's individual circumstances.

Most Accidents In Nurseries Are Trip, Slip & Fall Types

Proof Needed For Nursery Accidents

If the cause of the accident was purely accidental then it is extremely unlikely that you will have a case. Should the nursery accident happen due to the negligence of someone other than your child, then you will in most cases win compensation.

A slip trip or fall accident can happen where the surface may be damaged, or some object was in the way when it should or should not have been there.

Children under the age of 16 will not receive compensation themselves but it will be awarded to the "litigation friend" of the child. For more information on nursery accident claims please contact our specialist solicitors on 0800 2922 182.

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