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Scaffolding Accident Compensation

If you have been involved in a scaffolding accident where you have been injured you can claim compensation if the accident was caused by negligence of somebody else. For instance, if you have been injured whilst building or working on a construction site and the accident could have been prevented by due care of the responsible person or authority, then you can claim for workers compensation.

It is estimated that more than half of construction workers in the construction industry have had an accident whilst at work through no fault of their own. This number is very large but only a little portion of these people actually make a scaffolding accident claim for compensation.

Sometimes a scaffolding accident can be caused by your own misjudgement where you may have been injured; it is not possible to claim in such circumstances as the accident was not caused by anyone other than yourself. If you are not sure about making a claim then one call to 101% Compensation can help you decide.

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Who Are The Scaffolders?

Scaffolders are those trained to put up and take down scaffolding. This type of structure permits skilled workers to reach the higher levels of buildings. It is really useful and often a requirement for jobs such as construction, cleaning and restoration projects.

In some places the scaffolding system is implemented to put up stages, temporary spectator stands, or gantries at public or private events. Scaffolding is often used for shopfitting services to install tall fittings and you might find scaffold built around the concrete or brickwork on large constructions like bridges.

You certainly need a head for heights and be physically fit to work as a scaffolder. Working to follow instructions within a team of scaffolders is important to ensure safe and compliant working practice as set out by the Health and Safety Executive.

Can A Trip Slip Solicitor Help?

Authorised Scaffolding Gangs

Scaffolding gangs will be scrutinised for their qualifications to ensure that the minimum requirement has been met. The Health and Safety Executive dictates that each team must have a competent person who is trained for the type scaffolding to be installed. Regulations should be followed, although in several accidents it is not always the case. We can advise if you have a case against your employer for an injury claim.

Claim for your Scaffolding Accident

We have some of the UK’s top solicitors that specialise in accidents at work which include scaffolder's accident claims. We believe that everyone deserves justice and we offer the highest injury compensation in the UK. If you want to make a scaffolding accident claim then ask us to call you back using the call back service or if you prefer then you can fill in our online scaffolding injury claim application form.

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