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Slips, Trips & Falls Accident or Injury

Trip Slip Accidents are quite common and you may be surprised to know someone somewhere will slip, trip or fall every 3 minutes in the UK. A large number of these may be recorded but majority of these people might not know how to make a personal injury claim, or simply will not bother at all.

In UK, we have very good standards of safety. Most public or business areas are in a good state and well maintained, etc. However in certain cases, standards can and do drop. People regularly suffer personal injuries after a trip, slip or fall. So don't just put the blame on yourself, only when you act to claim for damages then you can be sure that you may be rightfully compensated.

Do You Need A Solicitor For A Fall Injury?

Where Can You Fall, Slip Or Trip?

Majority of slips, trips and falls occur on uneven pavements and road surfaces but also can happen anytime, anywhere. You may have slipped, tripped or fallen during work or in other places like shops and restaurants. In each instance someone has a legal duty to maintain these places to prevent accidents and injury.

Classic Examples Of Trip, Slip & Fall Accidents

  1. In poorly maintained streets or roads
  2. On footpaths and pavements
  3. On someone else's property
  4. In car parks
  5. In take-aways and restaurants
  6. In shops and other places of business

When claiming you should be able to provide the following evidence for your slip trip or fall accident.

Medical - We will advice you to seek medical attention after a slip trip accident. This evidence is vital when we process your claim. We will request your GP (or the hospital) you visited to obtain this information.

Photographic - It is important that photographic evidence is shown to support your claim. In most cases we ask our clients take 3 pictures of the accident location.

Fallen At Work And Need Help To Claim For Injury?