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Compensation For Workers Claim

Workers' Compensation or an accident at work claim is where one is injured or disabled on a job and seeks compensation for damages, i.e. personal injury, loss of earnings, etc. You are legally entitled to claim worker's compensation if you have been injured with no fault of your own.

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Next steps to claim

You should also visit your GP or doctor to notify of the injuries and receive any necessary treatment. This is necessary and will help when the evidence for your compensation claim is gathered to see how much compensation you are to be awarded. The more serious the injury is the more compensation you will receive and with 101% Compensation you are guaranteed to receive the highest compensation in the UK.

Unfortunately some even more serious accidents do happen where compensation may not be awarded, this is usually when an accident has happened due to unacceptable behaviour of the person who is making a claim.

If you are unsure or simply want advice then please contact 101% Compensation to see how we may help in your individual circumstance.

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