Ankle or Foot Injury Claims

ankle or foot injury claim

An ankle or a foot injury is typically caused by a slip or trip accident. It is painful and can take a long time to heal. The period that it takes for you to recover is what you can look at again to help determine the compensation amounts that you will receive should the injury had not been your fault.

The ankle which is linked to the foot is a steady joint made up of some bones including the shin bones known as tibia and fibula and an ankle bone known as talus. There are also several ligaments crossing the joint on the outside (lateral) and inside (medial) side of the joint. The ankles protract the complete weight of the body and only if you have had an ankle or a foot injury you would know exactly how much weight they uphold.

Ankle or foot sprains are mostly injuries to the ligaments and soft tissues around the ankle. They result from movement of the ankle joint in a variety of directions: Inversion Ankle Injury - This is when the foot does not turn inwards as it should and usually results in injury first to the lateral (outer) ankle. Eversion Ankle Injury - This is when the foot turns outwards, and the initial source of problem is in the medial (inner) of the foot.

Each year, an estimated 2 million patients are treated for ankle sprains and injuries from more commonly an accident in a public place and an accident at work. If you have had an ankle injury in the last three years and would like to claim then please fill in the online ankle claim application form.