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How does it work if I have a severe personal injury which stops me from working or looking after myself?

Being inflicted with serious injuries from an accident often fetches greater compensated payments when the damages have lasting effects to your ability to work and to look after yourself. The total settlement will include claim for loss of earnings, future lost earnings and other expenses including treatment costs.

For those who need special requirements to regain their independence as much as possible, the compensation will take into account the expenditures to cover the whole specialist provision. It is not uncommon to seek money for a new house adapted to accommodate for dedicated equipment necessary for managing injuries, or even a mobility scooter.

My Serious Injury Is Better, Now What?

Some people do recover from serious injuries and it does have an impact on the claim. The case will be assessed and may limit the elements you are able to claim for. What this means will depend on individual’s case and you will be informed during your claiming process, but do expect a reduction in the compensated amount awarded for special damages.