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No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

No Win No Fee Compensation

You will find find that more solicitors are now offering their No Win No Fee 100 percent compensation services with complicated procedures. We think that our approach is best as we give you the necessary information you need. We are committed to make sure that you get a clear idea of your personal injury claim process and show how does No Win No Fee work so that it benefits you.

What Does No Win No Fee Mean?

"No Win No Fee Compensation” means that if you do not win there are no fees to pay and that if you lose you may still have no costs to pay. However, at 101% Compensation there is no maybe or could be as we take out a No Win No Fee insurance to cover the risk of payments that may need paying. So, with nothing to pay, you have nothing to lose when you make a 100 percent compensation claim for your injury.

How Does It Affect Me?

With No Win No Fee explained, it may not be a surprise that many personal injury solicitors work on a “No Win No Fees” basis, but then if you do not understand the difference between the real and the “could be” meaning of the term then you will have to face the consequences of paying a fee should you have already committed to a CFA form.

What Is A CFA Form?

CFA is known as the Conditional Fee Agreement. This is the No Win No Fee agreement form that is signed by you. It is the form that is sent to you once an injury claim is prepared. As soon as our best No Win No Fee solicitors believe that you are ready to claim for compensation, the CFA form is sent to you. Read carefully before you sign and if are unsure about anything, then please ask us. We are always happy to help.

No Win No Fee Pitfalls

It is known in the claiming industry of people signing up to CFA agreements with No Win No Fee lawyers, only to find that their case has been dropped by the appointed legal team. Often, it appears that after learning of an applicant’s previous misfortunes where the chances of success is lessened, the file is not pursued.

It is not our intention to waste your time or ours, so we do ask about any previous injuries or accidents that may affect your claim. If you feel that this piece of information has been omitted from the start, then it is in your best interest to disclose it to our lawyers.

Another downside or pitfall depends on your perspective of paying for services. A No Win No Fee lawyer takes the risks with any case accepted and will have to pay the client’s legal charges if they are unsuccessful. However, if a claim is successful then a success fee is payable from the compensation awarded.

Definitely, the legal costs of pursuing for damages are high. Yet, if you were unable to claim due to the payment barrier, then you would not get any sum awarded. On the other hand, for a relatively small fee you are able to gain monetary advantage for your losses. In our opinion, that is still a benefit for you without the risk of being invoiced for something that never materialised.

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