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Accident Claims Preston

Injury lawyers are not obliged to give 100% compensation for your personal injury claim in Preston and can take up to 25% of your settlement. And it is absolutely legal!

Yet, our team of accident claim solicitors that cover the Lancashire area offer you your full 100% compensation and add another percentage so that you get our exclusive 101% deal*.

If you have had an accident within the last three years and it was not your fault you may be entitled to make an accident compensation claim and take advantage of our exclusive deal. For free advice or to check if you have a legitimate claim, call us on 0800 2922 182 or submit the claiming form.

Remember, what we can claim for you is quite comprehensive and includes:

  1. Private medical fees
  2. Loss of earnings
  3. Accommodation
  4. Travel costs

We can also cover parking expenses and the usual compensation for vehicle hire or repair.

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Accidents In Preston City

Preston City is accessible with a direct motorway link to the M6 leading to many parts of the UK, like Manchester and Blackburn. It also has a Ringway which goes around the town centre. The city is a busy place in the North West and has many tourist attractions including the River Ribble, Beacon Fell Country Park and the Preston Docks. However, as a result of the environmental conditions we know that the busier an area is, a higher risk exists for personal injuries.

In many places open to the public, appropriate policies and procedures should be in place to prevent or reduce dangers. However, certain circumstances do occur as a result of being busy or overworked and can halt relevant interventions from being applied. The consequences can be dire when accidents do happen. If you have sustained a personal injury in Preston and you were not at fault, then speaking to our injury lawyers could identify a compensation claim for you.

No Need To Pay With No Win No Fee Claims

It is easy to claim compensation for a personal injury with our firm and you do not need to pay as we work on a No Win No Fee basis. You sign up to a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) where no premium is charged if the case is unsuccessful. With this type of pressure on legal representatives to win claims in order to be paid, you can be reassured that we will honourably fight insurers to secure the maximum settlement.

If you have sustained an injury, remember that we cover litigations in the area including the districts as follow and beyond in the rural regions.

Preston City & Central



Preston North



Preston North East


Sharoe Green

Preston West



Preston East



Preston South


St George's

Preston North West



Preston South East


St Matthew's

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Exceptional Success Rate

Looking for personal injury solicitors in Preston? If you are, then it is best to instruct a firm like ours who have a high success rate. We have gained such praises because we share good expert practise and relevant knowledge to win cases. It also helped by having a unique edge awarding 101 percent compensation.

Our experience in all aspects of accident claims provides victims with a peace of mind knowing that we will always offer a specialist legal service. We have already handled many No Win No Fee cases where we have secured the maximum possible settlements for our clients for:

  1. Road traffic accidents
  2. Work injuries
  3. Medical negligence
  4. Public liabilities
  5. Industrial diseases

Are you wondering whether you have a valid claim? Our expert lawyers are at hand to help discuss your options with the utmost respect and compassion when you call. With their dedicated knowledge you will get a no obligation consultation and then you can decide what to do next.

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