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Work Accident Compensation Claims

In UK, it is estimated that over 180,000 people suffered a workplace injury in the past 2 years. Over 240 of these accidents have been reported as fatalities, resulting in either death or a life-debilitating injury. In addition, it is reported that over 40 million working days are marked as absent every year because of work accidents and illnesses. Health and safety in the workplace is a growing concern for all involved.

Recently, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prosecuted over 12 thousand companies nationwide for violation of health and safety law. Accidents at work can be extremely complex and many do not realise that they are able to make a claim for work injury compensation. Most trade sectors in the UK are regulated by the HSE who enforces the well-known health and safety legislation. So whether you work in a factory, farm, school, hospital, office, nuclear plant, building site, shopping mall or any other place, then you are protected by the HSE to be kept safe.

Liability Enforced By The HSE

However, accidents and injuries do happen at work as not every health and safety standard is complied with as enforced by HSE. This can lead to HSE inspectors taking one of the following actions against those responsible; order improvements or prosecute for breach of health and safety legislation. This proves negligence and often becomes crucial to the success of our online personal injury claims in the UK.

The chances of having an accident at work has reduced by far compared to the early years of hard labour and to the modern days of safety check precautions. If you have been involved in a work accident then the first practical thing to do if you going to be off for a period of time, is to make sure you get your statutory sick pay. This is payable for up to 28 weeks. If you are still off work after 24 weeks you can make a claim for long-term invalidity or disability benefit. Also, you may want to check any additional contractual payment which may be payable to you.

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Injury At Work Procedure

What to do after an accident at work - after treating the wound, the accident should be noted in your work place accident record book (required by law if the firm has more than 10 employees). If there is no record book, or no one has made a note of the incident then you should at least advise your employer of the full circumstances of the accident and the injuries you have suffered. You will have to prove that your employer has caused the injury by his failure to take reasonable care to prevent injury to you. There are different standards required in respect of sub-contractors or visitors to premises and staff working alone. In the meantime, ensure that repairs are carried by reputable tradesmen where damaged parts, broken glass or faulty equipment caused the injury.

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Work Employer's Legal Duty

The legal duty of an employer is to minimise the risk of Work Accident Compensation Claims happening by taking reasonable care for the health and safety of an employee. There are in addition other circumstances where an employer may be completely liable for their acts or omissions which result in injury to their employees.

Accident Work Compensation that can be claimed includes the ‘pain and suffering’ elements for both the initial injury and for ongoing disability, together with a monetary award for any disadvantages on the labour market caused by a permanent injury. In addition, actual financial losses caused as a result of an accident at work can also be filed for including:

The loss of earnings

Special care aids and equipment

Adapted transport

Prescription charges and medical fees

Travelling expenses

Cost of care and assistance

Adapted accommodation

Costs of assistance for household chores

Other losses

Health & Safety at Work Investigations

A little more detail about HSE and their responsibilities. We have already established there are hazards in all areas of work and that HSE ensure that measures to control the risks are in place. The outcome is to prevent any accidents, injury and events of ill health. When a damaging event does occur in the workplace where a HSE inspector has already investigated and advised on certain actions, then it appears that the existing approaches were inadequate.

Further investigations from HSE will determine whether your employers were operating within the UK laws. A check will be made of the health and safety provisions and the preparations for planning and reviewing the procedures to prevent accidents or harm to employees. By law your employers are expected to disclose the full details of any accidents, injuries and the circumstances leading up to it to resolve any legal action.

For the purpose of work accident or injury claims, the investigation from HSE can be important to determine negligence. A more holistic approach is to realise the prevention of further similar accidents and a safer place for everyone to work in. Employers find that the cost of prevention is usually always less than the total cost of accidents, therefore it is cost effective method. This improvement for everybody is beneficial where a compensation case is submitted whether online or otherwise. It allows for a serious approach to strengthen the risk control management currently in place.

A Nationwide Work Injury Claim Service

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Our service is available to residents of England, Wales and Northern Ireland for those who have suffered a personal injury due to an accident at work or other negligent causes, such as a road traffic accident or a personal injury in the street during the past three years.

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