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Care Home Negligence Claims

Residing in a care home is supposedly claimed to be the best place for elderly and disadvantaged people to get the care they need. Unfortunately, as is often mentioned in the news, vulnerable folks have been treated badly and neglected in UK nursing homes which has led to a rise in care home negligence.

Stories are told about how staff in nursing homes fail in their duty of care and treat their patients with negligence. Some vulnerable aged individuals sustain personal injuries from careless staff. No doubt that the victims worry about their daily living and caring needs, whilst feeling anxious around other individuals.

Care Home Injury Claims Benefit

The advantage to making a compensation claim for care home negligence or personal injury is that there will be a raised awareness of the establishment's conduct and the need for it to improve care standards for the elderly. Current and potential victims are then likely to be saved from further negligent staff in affected nursing homes.

Nursing and care home negligence UK

What Can I Claim For In a Nursing Home?

To enable a nursing home compensation claim it is necessary to include an element of negligence which can be one of the following:



Incorrect administrating of medication

supervising team


Inadequate monitoring of patients where an elevated risk is present

interval moving


Failure to move at correct intervals to prevent pressure sores or ulcers

moving and handling in care homes


Incorrect moving and handling of patients

No Win No Fee Funding Of Claims

As well as offering 100% compensation payouts, we handle care home negligence cases on our No Win No Fee basis where you do not pay anything if the claim has failed. This is a benefit for all elderly claimants or disadvantaged people to avoid paying the solicitor’s costs if they choose to appoint a legal representative.

Since its introduction, the No Win No Fee claims are still a risk and UK solicitors are expected to absorb any losses where cases are not to their advantage. Our experienced lawyers will assess your details and will explain to you the likely chance of success. If the chance of winning meets the minimum requirement then you will not need to fund the claim as advertised.

Otherwise, if our compensation firm believes that we may lose the case, then we will discuss other options with you to avoid costs to you and ourselves. Our expert legal team will explain the process and answer any questions you may have about your circumstances.

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Making A Care Home Claim

If you or someone you know has suffered emotional, physical injury or been abused in a care home, nursing home or a residential home, you may be able to make a personal injury or a negligence compensation claim with us.

A nursing home claim can be submitted on behalf of a loved one who may be unable to handle their own personal affairs due to their health disadvantages or personal injury. Consent will be required in order to instruct a lawyer to act for a victim in an institutional home.

Remember that we can offer No Win No Fee claims where we will not charge you a penny if your claim fails. Submit your claim online or speak to a negligence solicitor on 0800 2922 182.

Negligence Happened Outside Of Care Home?