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Industrial Accident Compensation

Industrial accidents, diseases or an accident at work usually result from negligence or lack of working practices of another employee rather than any direct intervention from the employer themselves. The Health and Safety Commission is responsible for health and safety regulation covering all companies in the UK, it ensures the standard health and safety guidelines are implemented and issue a penalty, warnings or can shut down any company concerned.

Even though it is a duty of the employer to keep work environments clean and risk free and to meet with the Health and Safety Commission's guidelines, it is inevitable for an accident to happen especially in industrial working environments, for example at construction sites.

Did You Just Have An Accident At Work?

Benefit in Claiming For Industrial Disease

Most people do not know about the compensation scheme and do not realise that they may be entitled to it. If you are reading this information then you might already know about the general rules of claiming industrial disease or accident compensation. Although, industrial claims are exempt from the 101% Compensation guarantee, we are still able to take on your industrial claim; there is just a different structure to follow and quite honestly you do not get as much, just the most we can rightfully get you.

You will be glad to know that we offer the No Win No Fee Scheme in the UK and give you the reassurance that you do not have to pay nothing for any legal fees of an unsuccessful industrial claim.

To find out more about industrial accident injuries or the industrial disease compensation scheme please contact us and make a quick enquiry online. We can even tell you the estimated figures from our industrial injury compensation calculator when you get in touch.

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