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What Should I Do If I Was A Passenger In A Taxi Accident And Injured?

As a form of public transport, insured taxis are really convenient, especially in busy cities like London and Manchester. They are handy to get to places in cities without the worry of finding a parking space. Taxis are also popular with drunken revelers who need to get home safely after a night out without driving themselves. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, even this mode of transportation can be involved in a road traffic accident.

Many drivers of taxis are experienced and know the roads well. However, it does not mean that they are immune to taxi accidents and with the constant rush to get their fare on time, an impact can cause serious injuries. Any passengers who have been injured in a taxi accident that was not their fault is able to submit a personal injury claim to receive compensation against the insurers.

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Our 4 Tips To Assist Your Taxi Claim

If you have decided to go ahead with taxi passenger accident claim, please see the following 4 things you can do to help with the compensation case. It will ensure that you get the full entitlement you deserve.

1. The details

Make a note of the taxi vehicle, the taxi driver and the firm used. Get the details of all the third parties and any witnesses. Where possible, ask for the taxi passenger insurance and other policy numbers of any drivers involved in the accident.

2. Photograhic evidence

Take a photograph of the accident scene. Images from your phone are fine as long as it is clear enough to see any key features. If you can, include a drawing of what happened just before the impact.

3. Medical treatment

See a doctor or visit the hospital to attend to your injuries. Even a small personal injury will need medical attention as further problems can develop at a later stage. An example of this is whiplash injury which takes a few days for victims to notice it. A medical examination is usually arranged by solicitors to obtain a medical report to further support your file.

4. Instructing a lawyer

Finally, instruct our personal injury solicitors to take on your taxi passenger accident claim. As a passenger, it is likely that you are not liable for your injury and our expert lawyers can handle your case to get the result you deserve.

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Who Is Going To Pay My Compensation?

Paying for your compensation as a taxi passenger depends on how the accident and injury happened. It may be the driver of your private hire vehicle who is to blame; therefore the claim will be settled by the taxi’s insurers. Let’s imagine that another driver had caused the accident. If that is so, then that third party is liable for the compensation payout, usually through their insurance company.

Often, an accident is the result of driving on unsafe roads that has not been kept in good working order. Depending on who owns the piece of land, it is likely that the local council or the Highway Authority will have to compensate for the suffering and any damages incurred. The Highways Act 1980 enforces the local authority to maintain roads. It demands that the surface is kept safe and to repair any defects including potholes. It states that it should be done within a reasonable time period.

Claims against the local authority have to prove that it failed to maintain or repair the unsafe stretch of road after it has come to their attention. It can be difficult to demonstrate liability; however our expert solicitors will trigger the Freedom of Information Request to obtain the necessary information from the authority in question to establish negligence.

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Failure To Wear Seatbelts

Some people ask that, “if I was not wearing a seatbelt, can I still claim compensation for a taxi passenger accident?” Well, as the accident was not directly caused by you and you had no control over it, then yes you can claim.

You may not have been wearing a seatbelt because you were exempt, which means that you did the right thing and are able to claim for any personal injuries. However, if you are not exempt and was not wearing your seatbelt, a judge may allow contributory negligence. This means that you will receive less compensation and can be up to 25% of the awarded amount.

There are criteria to how much may be deducted if you have failed to wear a seatbelt. Get in touch to discuss your circumstances and we will advise you of what applies in your case.

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Preventable Events

Maintaining Taxis Properly

Where an accident has happened due to a taxi or private hire vehicle not being adequately maintained, then the taxi firm is liable, not necessarily the taxi driver. It is an offence to drive an unsafe vehicle as depicted in the Health and Safety at Work Act. It is important that drivers and passengers should be kept safe at all times; otherwise the company could be prosecuted.

With safety in mind, private hire companies are expected to take precautions to prevent accidents. Safety checks should be carried out to vehicles to inspect for damage and operation. Legislations require that these checks must be done on a regular basis. The basic areas that are examined to avoid potential injuries are as follows:

  1. Windscreens
  2. Wheels and tyres
  3. Seatbelts
  4. Doors and windows
  5. Lights and horn
  6. Fire extinguishers
  7. Exterior

Failure to complete these inspections can result in the taxi not operating as it should. If an accident is caused because of this, then the taxi company or the taxi driver can be held accountable.

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Claim With No Loss To You

As a passenger involved in an accident, you certainly do not want to pay to claim. It can become expensive if the case is stretched over a long period and you do not win the personal injury claim against the insurance company. We offer our No Win No Fee arrangement where you have nothing to pay if your claim is unsuccessful.

With that advantage and the fact that we do not make deductions from your compensation that you have accepted, you get 100% compensation and an extra 1%* for your taxi passenger accident. Send your details to our injury lawyers and we will represent you with our legal expertise and extensive experience.

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