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London Compensation Claims

Being in a car accident, work accident or perhaps a slip trip in Greater London, may qualify you for 100% compensation claims payouts that you are entitled to, if you were not at fault or negligent. If you are asking how long does it take before you are unable to claim, well a claim should be submitted within three years of an accident or injury. The rules for children are different where they are given the opportunity to claim three years after their eighteenth birthday, provided no claim has been submitted on their behalf. Please give us a call on 0800 2922 182 to understand what rules may apply to you.

Living in London brings you a vast range of accident compensation solicitors who deal in personal injury and criminal injuries cases. After all, it is fair to say that the bigger the place is the more quantity of things and services it will offer. However, London is an expensive place as many people who explore the city often find out. Almost always, the local solicitors are more costly, particularly when compared to others further up north of England.

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Accessible to London Residents

Residents in London do not have to miss out on such great value and should be able to receive the maximum compensation they can get. What many people may not realise is that you do not have to use a local solicitor for a personal injury claim, whether in a car accident (also known as RTA) or a work accident. Claimants have the right to choose their own solicitors to act on their behalf.

Changing your accident/injury solicitors partway is also possible and we can help you make progress on your London Compensation Claim. Choosing us or even changing to us does have benefits for you.

101% Compensation offers injury claim expertise and maximum compensation experience, even in London.

Moreover, we even give regular updates so that you know what is happening to your claim.

Not sure of something? Contact 101% Compensation and we will take the time to clarify.

London Black Cabs

Black cabs, also known as hackney carriages, are generally taxis licensed by London’s Public Carriage Office or by local authorities in areas outside of London. These taxis are available for hire and are very popular in London City where it is often considered as a very convenient form of transport.

To drive a Black Cab, London Taxi or hackney carriage, a test has to be passed called ‘The Knowledge’. This is no ordinary test and requires drivers to possess a familiar knowledge of London streets, point of interests, and alternative routes to popular destinations. The green badge status of the test confirms a higher level of knowledge which covers all of London rather than just the outer areas of London.

With over 21 thousand London taxis registered by London’s Public Carriage Office, it demonstrates the expanse coverage of the City. You are likely to expect a hackney carriage operating on many main roads of London. However, what we are concerned about is the probability of an accident in a black cab. As many drivers share cabs, it is justified to suggest that many are running almost 24 hours a day. This exposes black cabs to many dangers of the road and increases the risk of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) as researched by insurance companies.

Make Claim As A Taxi Passenger

Accident Involving a London Taxi

So what happens if you have an accident in a London black cab? Is it treated differently? The way you submit a London Compensation Claim is no different. You simply fill in the details using our online accessible claim form and a specialist injury solicitor will contact you regarding your accident. It really is that simple!

Meanwhile, your claim of an accident injury involving a black cab will be assessed based on certain factors. Standard procedure as in most compensation claims must be followed. For example, it is a requirement for the London Taxi driver to report the accident regardless of fault in case of any future ramifications as enforced by the Transport for London. As part of the claim investigation process the black cab will be checked to ensure that it was in good working order and satisfy the necessities of its taxi license.

So that is the basic summary of the difference in the black cab investigation. Truth be told, it is considered unpleasant to be the subject of any type of checks whether you were the London Taxi driver, the third party driver or just a passenger. However, it is important to carry out to ensure that you are the right person to receive the London Compensation Claim that will be rightfully awarded to you.

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Cyclists in London

It appears that every week, a cyclist is killed on London's roads. Many people do not regard cycling as safe as it used to be particularly in Britain. However, evidence seems to suggest that although serious injuries are on the increase, cyclist deaths have fallen. This is comparable with 134 deaths a decade ago to 109 killed in 2014 on Britain’s roads.

In the beginning two weeks of 2016, eight cyclists have died so far in London alone. Three quarters of the fatalities were female. Incidentally, all these accidents involved a lorry which forges a link between the two. Experts have studied this emerging pattern and conclude that women cyclists are usually more cautious at intersections which can place them in a blind spot.

With more construction work happening in London than any other city, it is imperatively congested with more lorries and building equipment than before. This does increase the risk of accidents with cyclists as they are far less likely to be seen by their smaller physical presence. Indeed, this explains partly the reason for serious injuries increasing at a rapid rate.

Better Safety For Cyclists

Injuries for cyclists can cause severe disabilities and can often shorten a person’s life span. With such a concern in the long term trend for cyclists, it appears that little has been done to encourage better safety on the road. Even with the higher number of cyclists on the roads enduring hazardous situations, the local authorities made little changes to improve the environment.

So until drastic changes are prepared to alleviate the risk factors for cyclists and all other road users, the current state is really not good enough. The reality is that more accidents will continue to happen, cause distress to involved parties and damage to properties. One thing we can do, however, is help to reinstate you where possible with a view to compensate for injuries. Talk to us in confidence to see if you are able to submit a case to claim compensation.

New Rules Proposed For Personal Injury Claims

Popular London Buses

London buses are famous for being red and often considered as a convenient way of travel particularly for tourists and sightseers. The network of London buses has become busier over time as the city remains as a popular tourist attraction.

Many people travel on London buses and it is claimed to be a cheaper alternative to other form of transport. It can take quite a bit planning to route a trip across the city and the Oyster or Visitor Oyster card is certainly recommended to pay for bus fares.

However, as there are more and more people in London using the many forms of transport available, the whole stress of negotiating the paths of travellers in congested areas can lead to less than perfect driving and accidents. You may find that your bus driver has driven round a corner too fast, braked suddenly or collided with another vehicle, causing you to lurch forward or sideways. This may be the basic cause of an injury to you.

London RTA Compensation Claims

Being involved in a bus accident in London is not the same as a car accident. It can be much more traumatic due to the possibility of many passengers being hurt or injured at the same time, therefore a lot more trauma is seen. This can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a bus passenger who is not responsible for an accident, you may claim accident compensation and we will explain anything you need to know.

You can also claim London injury compensation if you were injured from a fixture or a trip on the bus, or perhaps from careless driving from the bus driver or a fellow road user who may cause severe interventions. To ensure that you have a valid injury claim, get in touch and we will advise you of your entitlement. We also welcome enquiries or submission details for Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) cases and accept CICA claims online using our standard form.

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