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Whiplash Injury Compensation

It is common for someone who has been involved in a car accident to complain of aches and pains in and around the neck area. Whiplash injury compensation is a very common type of accident claim in the UK and has been since driving a car without car insurance became illegal.

What Should I Expect From A Personal Injury Claim?

For neck injured victims

Can Whiplash Be Treated?

Whiplash injury can be treated and will depend on the extent of damage of each victim. It may include a cervical collar, also known as a neck brace. It is intended to position your head still and allow recovery without further strain to the injured area. You may require a hard non-flexible type or a more flexible type, which will be determined by the nature of your accident. Expect to wear a cervical collar or a neck brace for at least two weeks to relieve neck pain.

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications are commonly prescribed and sometimes muscle relaxants to help with treating neck injuries. Whiplash can lead to muscle spasms and the muscle relaxants are helpful to relax the muscles and reduce the impact of spasms. Inflammation of the affected area is helped by the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets given for neck muscle pain and strains.

Other treatments, particularly for car accident victims, include physiotherapy exercises, cervical traction and in some cases antidepressants. Cervical traction is a specialist help to reduce compressive pressure in the neck and help to stimulate the neck muscles to improve neck movements. However, it is usually required for those involved in more serious accidents.

What Can Cause A Car Accident?

How Long Can Whiplash Injury Last?

A medical professional will be the best person to discuss your prognosis as each case is different and depends on each individual. As a general indicator, many neck injuries diminish after a few days and most accident victims recover within 90 days after their injury. The more serious neck injuries can last much longer.

How Can We Help Following A Neck Injury?

If you (or a member of your family) have been involved in a car accident which was not your fault and you have a suffered whiplash injury, you may be asking "should I claim for whiplash?". Well, our legal experts strongly urge you to consider making a claim for a soft tissue injury compensation.

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