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Manchester Accident Claims

Claimants in Manchester can claim 100% compensation with our exclusive extra 1% deal for their accident injuries with our experienced and vibrant solicitors. Our Personal Injury expert solicitors have represented people in and around Greater Manchester, including areas like Stockport, Pendlebury, Droylsden, Swinton, Bolton, Salford, Trafford and Bury, to win a range of challenging cases.

Manchester’s Oxford Road and Wilmslow Road in the Rusholme area are hotspots for accidents and car crashes, particularly those involving cyclists. The fault of an accident is not always clear and there appears to be a growing concern with the rate of contentious incidents in the region. A plan is needed to reduce the incidents. Whether Manchester City Council will implement a proposal to create a simpler traffic flow for all traffic users is an idea for the future.

However, whatever type of accident or crash you may have in Manchester; it may be possible to claim 100% compensation for your personal injury as long as you have not been negligent. We have already successfully gained 100% awards for people with bike, car and bus accident claims in Manchester. So if you are a non-fault cyclist, car or bus driver, then without prejudice we can represent you in a no win no fee case.

Often, the fault lies with another road user where rules of the road were not followed correctly. On the other hand, it may be likely that the fault is due to a malfunction of a vehicle, whether a car or a cycle. We have dealt with cases like these where a manufacturing defect of a car had caused an accident and compensation including damages was recovered from the manufacturer’s insurance.

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Why Bus Accident Claims Manchester Should Be Submitted

In the UK, we have many public transport structures in place for cities and large towns. As well as buses, there are trains, trams, taxis and Uber vehicles. A lot of modes of travelling are arranged and implemented with a good level of safety standards. The government is constantly busy to ensure that the public are safe to travel and it attracts tourism with its easy travel links within their district.

Yet, much of the Greater Manchester population is aware of the increasing number of accidents that happen on a daily basis in their locality. Many are with minor injuries, although some are more serious and may result in death. With a huge number of buses on the road, it is of no surprise that our injury lawyers for Manchester have dealt with many bus accident compensation claims.

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A bus accident can be much more than just damage to the means of transportation and can have an impact on bus passengers on-board who may be from all around the world. It can affect you while you are on-board or in the vicinity of the bus.

Common occurrences with bus injury claims are bumping heads on the seat ahead and being thrown out of seat which caused an injury. These are usually because of bad or reckless driving from bus drivers.

Of course, a bus accident is also when the bus is involved in a collision with another vehicle or object. The common reason for accidents is negligent driving and is not necessarily the bus driver to blame. As a passenger of the damaged bus, you are likely to be able to submit a bus injury compensation claim. Whatever your circumstances, remember it is free to discuss if you are entitled to any settlement when you get in touch with our accident claims experts.

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Vulnerable People in Manchester

A man or a woman can withstand a minor accident during a road traffic accident with less than severe injuries. Some of the more vulnerable people do not have the capability to endure a small crash with minor injuries. They are often in need of more protection.

Babies, children and young people are classed as vulnerable people. The same applies for young drivers. In Greater Manchester, over the last few years, a quarter of all accident inflicted injuries involved a young driver.

Regardless of fault, the injury to a vulnerable person is likely to be much more severe and can often lead to life changing decisions. Predictably, the majority of serious or fatal injuries from accidents or car crahes in Manchester are made up of vulnerable people. Bear in mind that the numbers include other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and passengers.

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101% Compensation aims to minimise the stress in claiming compensation for victims and especially for vulnerable people or for those acting on their behalf. We understand that some people will be affected differently, whether you reside in Manchester, Leicester or London. That is why we like to support you with the care and attention you deserve.

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If you have suffered an injury from a non-fault accident in Manchester City or in a Metropolitan County, then you can get 101% compensation with our experienced and friendly expert solicitors. You will have no fees to pay with our no win no fee guarantee which helps to make it accessible for you to claim for an injury that was not your fault.

What we propose to offer is a simple claim process where you provide all the necessary information, attend a medical assessment in Manchester and then accept your compensation. That is as simple as we make it. The rest is our work where we challenge the third party to get the maximum compensation on your behalf using the legal expertise of our whole Personal Injury team. As we have dealt with a diverse range of injury claims, we are better equipped to explore avenues that may be applicable to your circumstances.

So what happens now? Submit an online Manchester accident claim form or call one of our expert solicitors on 0800 2922 182 for a free initial consultation to begin your 100% compensation file with our exclusive 1% extra deal.

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