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Will I Have To Attend A Medical Examination?

Yes. After your road traffic accident or an injury, the solicitor dealing with your compensation claim will arrange a medical examination by an independent medical expert. This will enable an assessment of your injury, what treatment is required or has been received, the impact of the damage and the prognosis for recovery to be detailed in a medico legal report. This report is an important document that will be contributory to the level of compensation you receive.

The Medical Examination

The medical expert will physically examine you and ask questions about your accident and injury. They will want to know if you suffer from any symptoms and what treatment you may have had after the accident or injury. Another part of the examination will be to find out how the accident has affected your ability to do daily tasks and your general well-being.

For your medical examination, it is expected to allow a minimum of 30 minutes for minor injuries. More complex injuries can often require more than one type of specialist which will mean more and longer appointments. It is difficult to establish the length of these medical appointments as each case is individual and will require a comprehensive report.

Please be open and honest with the medical professional to avoid delays in your compensation claim. Any withheld information can have an adverse effect on your case.