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Do I Have To Go To Court For Injury Claim?

When there is a liability dispute between claimant and the third party, or there is lack of communication from the third party, a court proceeding can be issued. This usually happens infrequently as most injury claims are settled before it gets to the stage of an ensuing court hearing. We have seen many compensation cases receive offers to settle once a hearing date has been set.

Hence, the chances you are going to court is unlikely even if a proceeding has been issued, so there is no need to be worried at this early stage. We will inform you of the action we take and our experienced solicitors will be at hand to answer any questions you may have as the claim progresses.

However, if your compensation claim reaches the final court hearing to conclude the liability, then there is a chance that you may need to go to court. It is important to attend as you can be the crucial part in achieving the best results. You will be accompanied by our best legal representative to fight your case and provide evidence.